Just Another "Glitch" Day

Yesterday was a "glitch" (an expression for system failures used by non-technical folks, or by user-indifferent IT specialists) day.

Blackberry servers experienced email delays or interruptions. In the linked-to article, pay close attention to the human messaging content from RIM.

Intuit's ProSeries (I'm a user) and widely used Turbotax e-filing servers either failed to acknowledge filing transactions, or were unable to service their experienced load -- or so the public reports indicated. From a report on Marketplace:

Late tax filers swamped the electronic Turbo Tax servers Tuesday night, preventing some from sending in returns on time. The IRS is telling those 11th-hour filers to get their paperwork in as soon as possible. Host Tess Vigeland asks some folks on the street what "as soon as possible" means to them, and chats with Marketplace's John Dimsdale about potential fallout from the Turbo Tax breakdown


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